DARE Gateways

Science Gateway provides services of scientific applications for individual researchers without exposing all details on computation. One of outstanding strengths enabled by scinece gateway techniques is th seamlessly utilization of High-Performance and Distributed Computing resources, such as the NSF's national production cyberinfrastructure-- XSEDE, regional cyberinfrastructure resources such as LONI, and even cloud environments such as Amazon EC2. This allows Big Data-scale scientific research to small groups or individual researchers. DARE-based gateway projects, in particularly, focus on such opportunities and outstanding cahllenges associated with by aiming to achieve i) the scalability harnessded by the utilization of distributed cyberinfrastructure (DCI) and diatributed parallel computing technologies, ii) the rapid develoment cycle for multiple tools and options for multiple parameter sets.

DARE has been utilized for the following gateways.

  • : Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analytics

  • : Conformational sampling with replica exchange methods (limited to the registered users)

Our gateway projects are primarily for research and an interesting investigator should contact us. link

For information about SAGA and SAGA-Bigjob, on which DARE is built upon, please visit this link

Architectural Overview of Science Gateway built upon Dynamic Application Runtime Environment(DARE)