DARE-NGS is a Gateway Project for Next Generation Sequence data analysis. DARE-NGS project has been developing various pilot services for supporting Genome-wide analysis -- which is both computationally and data-intensive. DARE-NGS builds upon the Dynamic Application Runtime-Environment (DARE) Framework, whose primary capacity is to utilize distributed computing infrastructure (DCI) with high-performance and distributed computing technologies.

Currently, registered users who agree the data management policy can run our prototype services including alignments using aligners such as BFast, Bowtie, BWA and many, ChIP-Seq pipeline, and Tophat-fusion for fusion gene discovery. The development of other services for RNA-Seq and Bisulfite-Seq are actively underway. Currently DARE-NGS can use LONI and federated and distributed resources from XSDEDE and FutureGrid-Clouds (when allocations are provided). Amazon EC2 is also available for the users who has an account. DARE-NGS will be made available for a broad range of private and commercial Cloud Services in the future.

At the moment, there are no general-purpose community accounts, and it requires registrations contacting us before using services. For more information, see contact us. For information about SAGA and SAGA-Bigjob, please visit this link link