DARE-NGS is a Gateway for Next Generation Sequence data analysis. DARE-NGS supports Genome-wide analysis -- which is both computationally and data-intensive. DARE-NGS builds upon the Dynamic Application Runtime-Environment (DARE) Framework, and is one of several Science Gateways for Life Science Applications built using DARE.

Gateways enable non-experts to seamlessly utilize High-Performance and Distributed Computing resources, such as the NSF's national production cyberinfrastructure -- XSEDE, regional cyberinfrastructure resources such as LONI, and cloud environments such as Amazon EC2 and academic clouds using Openstack. DARE-based Gateways can be extended to utilize campus/departmental clusters too.

Currently, registered users who agree the data management policy can run DNA Methylation Analysis tools, Alignment tools such as BFast, Bowtie, and BWA, ChIP-Seq pipeline, and Tophat-fusion for fusion gene discovery. More tools are coming. Currently DARE-NGS uses LONI and TeraGrid resources for production and FutureGrid-Clouds for testing. DARE-NGS is actively being developed to demonstrate new features particularly focusing on the use of Distributed Cyberinfrastructure and Big Data Genomics.

At the moment, there are no general-purpose community accounts, and it requires registrations contacting us before using services. For more information, contact us. DARE-NGS is developed with SAGA and the pilot job abstraction, SAGA-Bigjob, For imoreinformation about SAGA and SAGA-Bigjob, please visit this Link